Public Reports

Public reports and information on the Fort McMurray Catholic Board of Education and the Alberta Education System are provided here for parents and member of the public.


Current Year –   2017/2018

Combined 3 Year Education Plan & Annual Education Results (AERR) – November 2017



Last Year –   2016/2017

Combined 3 Year Education Plan & Annual Education Results (AERR) – November 2016

AERR One Page Overview

Class Size Report 2016 – Core Subjects

Class Size Report 2016 – All Subjects

Budget Report 2016/17

2016-19 Capital Plan FMCSD

School Year 2015/2016

Combined 3 Year Education Plan & Annual Education Results (AERR) – November 2015

Annual Education Results (AERR) One Page Document

2015-16 Audited Financial Statements

Budget 2015 Fall Update

Budget Report 2015-2016

2015 Class Size Survey – All Subjects2016-19 Capital Plan FMCSD

2015 Class Size Survey – Core Subjects

School Year 2014/2015

2014-15 Audited Financial Statements

Combined 3-Year Education Plan & Annual Education Results (AERR)– November 2014

2013-14 Annual Education Results Summary Report

Budget 2014/2015 

Capital Plan 2015-2019 


Previous Years – 2013/2014

2013-2014 Audited Financial Statements 

2014 Registered Charity Information Return – Canada Revenue Agency Form T3010 E(13)

APORI 4160 Combined 3Yr Education Plan & AERR

                (Includes the Combined 3 Year Education Plan 2013-2016  & the Annual Education Results 2012-13 Report)

Annual Report 2013 Summary

Accountability Pillar Overall Summary – October 2013

School Jurisdiction Information Sheet

Class Size Report

Class Size Survey 2013-All Subjects

Class Size Survey 2013-Core Subjects

Budget 2013/14  

              Approved by Board on May 27th, 2013

 Prior Years- 2012/13

Jurisdiction Facts Sheet (by Alberta Education)

 2012/13 Audited Financial Statements & Notes

Budget 2012/2013

AERR 2012 – Summary Page

AERR 2012 – Full Report (Combined 3 Year Education Plan 2012-2015  & Annual Education Results 2011-12 Report)

  Finding Christ in Christmas 2012

Prior Years – 2011/2012

2011-12 Audited Financial Statements (AFS)

2011-2012 Unaudited Financial Schedules



Prior Years 

FMCBE Budget Report 2011/12

FMCBE.2011 Audited Financial Statements

4160.2011AFS-Unaudited Schedule

2011-12 Combined 3-Year Education Plan & Annual Education Results Report (AERR)

2012 Budget – Fall Update

FMCBE Audited Financial Statements – 2009/10

FMCBE Accountability Pillars Results – 2009/10

From Alberta Education

The role of School Boards in Alberta

How the Accountability Pillar Works

Education Tax – Facts and Information

Alberta Education – School Choices in Alberta

Resources for Parents

Common Questions from Parents

Tools and Resources available for Parents



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