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Holy Trinity High School student Mitchell Mulhall honoured with Stars of Alberta Award!


Father Mercredi teacher Tom MacIsaac wins Prime Minister’s Award for Teaching Excellence!


Next FMCSD Board Meeting on Tuesday February 17th , 7:00pm at Catholic Education Centre.


My School Bus Monitor available for most routes. See details on Transportation Tab


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Teens for Change Top 30 Under 30!
January 28, 2015

Congratulations to the Teens for Change group at Holy Trinity Catholic High School for being named one of the Alberta Council for Global Coorporation’s Top 30 Under 30! 

Screen Shot 2015-01-28 at 2.49.41 PM


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Alberta Education Survey
January 6, 2015

As in previous years, the Ministry of Education will be conducting its annual stakeholder satisfaction telephone surveys to collect public, employer and other stakeholder perceptions of Alberta’s e...

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Education News

Early Entry Program

The Early Entry Program (EEP) is offered to parents as an optional program that is not funded by the Province of Alberta. The Fort McMurray Catholic Board of Education funds 85% of the cost while user fees cover the remaining 15%.

The EEP program fee for the 2014/15 school year is $500 per children. The first payment of $100 was made at the time of acceptance into the program.

The following paymen...

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Extreme Ice Hazard

Given the very icy condition in Fort McMurray, parents are asked to take the following precautions before sending their children to school on Monday. Please discuss these with your children

  • trails or sidewalks may be very icy – where possible consider walking in the snow rather than on the trails
  • wear appropriate boots or shoes – look for flat soles with soft rubber
  • walk very slowly with small steps, give yourself more time to get to school or to the bus stop;
  • make sure the children have two free hands for balance – wear a back pack to carry items;
  • if driving your child to school, be careful when leaving the vehicle;
  • falls on ice can lead to serious injuries – this is not the time to play around and push other kids.  Protect your head – consider having younger children wear a bike or skating helmet 

Our snow removal contractor will sand sidewalks, entrances and parking lots on Sunday evening. However, given the amount of ice, it is impossible to cover all areas and trails around the schools. With the high temperatures expected, it is possible that the water may re-freeze overnight and lead to more icy conditions in the morning.

  1. We are very excited for our PD tomorrow. @gcouros will be working with our teachers. Support staff will be at St Martha working on their PD!

  2. Tomorrow is our shared PD day between @fmpsd and @fmcsd teachers with @gcouros! Who is excited?

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