Foreign Students

Foreign Students are welcomed to study in Fort McMurray Catholic Schools.  A foreign student tuition fee of $3,450 per semester ($6,900 per year) is in effect as the Provincial Government does not provide any instructional funding for foreign students.

In order to be accepted as a foreign student, the following is required:

The sponsor must contact the Principal of the school with a copy of the birth certificate and the latest transcript from the student.

If the Principal is satisfied that the student can succeed in their school and they has sufficient space and resources, they will provide the sponsor a “letter of acceptance”.

The student must apply for a student visa at the nearest Canadian Embassy or to the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs.  The letter of acceptance will be required to made the application.

Once the student visa is available, the sponsor can then proceed to register the student at the school.

The Foreign Tuition fee can be paid in 10 instalments by providing post-dated cheques payable on the first day of the month (starting in September) payable to the “Fort McMurray Catholic Board of Education.”

For more information on student visa, please contact the Department of Foreign Affairs or visit their web site at

One of the documents necessary for the application is a letter of acceptance from the school you wish to study.  A copy of the form letter is provided below that will have to be signed by the Principal of the School you wish to attend.



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