Wood Buffalo You Can Ride 2

In the Spring of 2018 we were able to bring this program to Fort McMurray through Wood Buffalo You Can Ride 2 (WBUCR2). The original You Can Ride 2 program began in Edmonton in 2012 and Fort McMurray families and school staff have wanted to bring this program to our community for our families ever since.

“Thanks to this program, Bria is able and excited when joining her siblings for biking fun.” – Talia Kenny

Adapted bikes are not easily accessible for families for a variety of reasons including cost, limited access to adaptive equipment to adjust regular bikes, lack of knowledgeable specialized bike mechanics as well as trained physical and occupational therapists. Schools also have a limited number of bikes available for children and limited practise time available during the day. Most children will need several bikes throughout their lifetime due to growth and changes in physical status. The benefit of this program is that as the child grows and their physical needs change the bike can change and grow with them, without extra expense to the family.

Bikes provided each summer:

  • 2020 – 100 bikes
  • 2019 – 80 bikes
  • 2018 – 45 bikes

How our adapted bike program works:

The WBUCR2 program operates as a lending library allowing children to borrow bikes for the summer months as well as during the school year. Children are assessed by a trained Physical Therapist or Occupational Therapist to ensure they have a bike that suits their individual needs. Families pay a small rental fee ($75.00) and borrow the bike from May – October. The bikes are then re-distributed amongst the schools and used for in school bike programming.

“So thankful for this bike which makes family bike rides possible” – Mandy Norman

Benefits of riding a bike:

Every child should experience the joy that is riding a bike! With riding a bike comes so many other benefits, increased strength and stability, cardiovascular fitness and endurance, increased communication, road safety, independence, and social interaction with peers and family. 

Thank you to our sponsors! 

  • Canadian Red Cross
  • Jumpstart
  • Children’s Ability Fund
  • RMWB
  • Canadian Tire
  • Stratosphere Sports
  • Kinettes Club of Fort McMurray
  • HALO’s
  • Wood Buffalo Safe Communities
  • Sport Chek
  • Fort McMurray Catholic School Division
  • Fort McMurray Public School Division
  • Habitual Sports
  • Northern Sports Locker