Trustee Hoffman

Board of Trustees

Vice- Chair, Fort McMurray Catholic Board of Education- 2022/23

I grew up in our beautiful city and went through the Catholic School system I now serve. I’ve always been an avid traveler, so far having seen over 40 countries. It’s often through travel, volunteer work abroad and the exploration of history, culture and humanity that inspires in me a desire to serve. Bringing a global perspective to a local focus. I’ve served on our municipal fire and emergency services department for just over seven years now as a fire fighter/EMT. I’ve also worked as a licensed family financial planner for almost a decade.

Before emergency services I worked in radio, both in advertising and on-air. I’m a chronic book enthusiast. I currently write for YMM Magazine, sharing thoughts, insights and anecdotes from life in McMurray.

As a Catholic, I think that individual character is the most important thing we can teach our children. Roosevelt said “Character in the long run is the decisive factor in the life of an individual and of nations alike.” If we want a stronger, happier, healthier community and nation, it starts with a focused, caring instruction on character development in our children.

I don’t have any children of my own yet, but through this position I have adopted a few thousand. I hope to care for them as if they were my own.

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