Student Services Team

Our team of professionals supports each school team to coordinate and ensure delivery of students services for children with learning and special needs. An inclusive approach is best achieved in a collaborative manner.  This is reflected in shared leadership between The Government of Alberta, Fort McMurray Catholic Schools, our supporting community partners and the strong relationship between our schools, homes and families.

Student Services District Team

Deputy Superintendent Monica Mankowski
Sr. Executive Assistant – Student Services Danielle Brown
High School Inclusive Learning Consultant Rachel Lambert
High School Inclusive Learning Consultant Jennifer Fricker-MacDougall
Early Learning Consultant Janice Molloy
Early Learning Consultant Mishell Usick
Inclusive Learning Consultant, Education & Behaviour Wanda Chaulk
Assistive Technology Lydia Van Thiel
Out of School Care Programs Chantelle Langdon

School Consultants who support the Instructional Support Plan (ISP) Process:

  • Speech Pathologist(s) and Speech Assistant(s)
  • Occupational Therapist(s)
  • Physical Therapist (s)
  • Psychologist(s)
  • Mental Health Therapist(s)
  • Learning Coaches

School Teams Include:

  • School Principal
  • Vice Principal
  • Classroom Support Teacher (CST)
  • Teacher
  • School Counsellor
  • Parent & Student
  • Other Members