School Fees

The Alberta School Fees and Costs Regulation allows School Divisions to charge fees under certain circumstances and conditions.  Fees in Schools are permitted in accordance with Administrative Procedures 505.

Fees are categorized as follows:

  1. Transportation fees: Amounts charged for transportation to and from school in accordance with the School Transportation Regulations. For School Year 2022-23, an annual transportation fee of $ 410 ($41 per month)  applies to all students provided transportation services with the exception of students required specialized transportation.
  2. Technology user fees: Amounts charged for use or rental of computers, iPads, or other electronic devices; fees assessed to cover the cost of software applications or infrastructure.  Fort McMurray Catholic Schools DO NOT charge any technology fee.
  3. Alternative program fees: Amounts charged under Section 21(4) of the School Act, a program that emphasizes a specific culture, religion, or subject matter or uses a particular teaching philosophy, including sports-related academies. Fees classified here are in addition to fees charged to students who are not in an alternative program. Students enrolled in Catholic Schools Academy Programs are charged anProgram Fees which varies depending on the Academy program.
  4. Non-curricular travel: Travel, accommodation, & admission associated with extended (overnight) optional non-curriculum travel for arts, athletic events, international travel. Catholic Schools do charge fees for some non-curricular travel to cover some of the incremental costs related to each activity
  5. Early Entry Program (EEP): A fee of $ 80 per month is charged for children in the Early Entry Program (EEP).
  6. Extracurricular fees: Some Fees are collected to participate in some from clubs, sports teams, intramural, or other programs designed to broaden scholastic experience.
  7. Activity fees: Transportation, admission, accommodation, and other charges for field trips or special events (including in-school clinicians & presenters) usually associated with curriculum.
  8. Non curricular goods and services: Fees charged to parents in exchange for goods or services common to most students or a cohort within the population, including locker rental, locks, student ID, uniforms, gym strip, library, agendas, student union, insurance, graduation ceremony fees charged to all graduating students, parent-teacher associations, and fitness fees not associated with curriculum.
  9. Other fees to enhance education: Fees related to provide additional support to students toward educational programs not described or covered by the preceding fee categories. Examples may include additional exam preparation fees or tutoring

The list of fees in effect in Fort McMurray Catholic Schools in provided in Schedule A of AP 505.