School Boundaries

Registration Information

The Catholic Board of Education has 10 elementary schools (EEP, K-6) in Fort McMurray and 2 combined Middle and High Schools (Grades 7 to 12). We also have an Outreach School. Each school has a designated attendance area that is approved by the Board of Education in accordance with the Alberta School Act. Student transportation services are only provided to designated schools. Parents are encouraged to register their children to the school that has been designated for their area.

New Schools

The Fort McMurray Catholic School Division announced in April 2016 our newest school would be called Elsie Yanik Catholic School to honour the lifelong efforts of the local Metis Elder to advance education and the Catholic faith. Elsie Yanik Catholic School opened for the 2018/19 school year.

Choice Schools

Parents may register their children to a Catholic school in Fort McMurray outside of their boundary (choice school) in accordance with the Choice School policy of the Board. The School Principal has the authority to accept or refuse students from outside their designated area based on space and resource availability.

Before registering in a choice school, parents must understand that will have to arrange their own transportation, as busing is not provided to schools located in the attendance area.

Elementary School Boundaries

We have created a google map to outline our school boundaries for our elementary schools.

Designated school boundaries for students attending the English Program of Studies are as follows:

Good Shepherd School: Beacon Hill, Gregoire, Prairie Creek & Saprae Creek

Father Beauregard School: Abasand & Grayling Terrace

Father Turcotte School: Downtown / Lower Townsite


St. Paul School: Thickwood including Ross Haven, Silver Springs, Silin Forest. Timberline, Garnet, Cedar Woods, Woodland, Castle Ridge and Hillcrest (ends at Hillary Place)

St. Gabriel School: Thickwood including Tundra North & South, Westview Heights, Westview, Signal Hill, Elmore, Duncan, Hillcrest/Signal Road (east of Hillary Place including Hinge and Hilltop) and Wood Buffalo/Martin Ridge.

Sister Mary Phillips: Dickinsfield, Cornerbrook and Timberlea North of Confederation Millennium Drive to Tower Road (Bear Ridge, Cartier Heights, Cartier Mobile Home Park and Timber Heights)

St. Anne School: Timberlea south of Confederation Way except for Eagle Ridge (Eglert, Ball, Bacon, Beaton, Burns, Brosseau, Burton Estates, Lakewood).

St. Kateri School: Eagle Ridge and area north of Confederation Way for those outside of boundaries of Sister Mary Phillips, St. Martha School and Elsie Yanik School.

St. Martha School: Timberlea North of Confederation, all within one km walking distance (Pine Place, Parson Creek, Pacific Place, Confederation Heights and Morgan Heights). As the designated area of St. Martha is within 1 km, there is no busing provided. (Please refer to Elsie Yanik School Boundaries below)

Elsie Yanik School: Parsons Creek Sub-Division (all area located north of bridge crossing Parsons Creek) and Area located East of Rainbow Creek and north of Millenium Drive including: Honeysuckle Way, Chestnut Way , Crabapple Way ,Juniper St, Walnut Cres, Hawthorn Way, Huckleberry St, Elderberry St, Fireweed Cres, Mountain Avens Cres, Trillium Rd, Trillium Bay, Iris Way, Violet St , Mayflower Cres, Mayflower Bay & Pitcher Cres


St. Paul School: All children from Kindergarten to Grade 6 residing in Fort McMurray (North and South). Busing is provided from all area outside the 1km radius of the school.

Middle School and High School (Grades 7 to 12)

Father Mercredi High School is the designated school for:

English Program of Studies: All students residing south of the Athabasca River, Thickwood and Dickinsfield.

Career Technology Studies (CTS): Students in Grades 10-12 enrolled to an advanced level in a specialized program of studies requiring equipment available only at Father Mercredi High School. This includes students enrolled in the Power Engineering, Engineering, Instrumentation, Electrical or Millwright career pathways or the Mechanics, Fabrication Studies (Welding) or Cosmetology programs at the High School Level (Grades 10 to 12 only).

Holy Trinity High School is the designated school for:

English Program of Studies: All students residing in the Timberlea Area (including the new Parsons Creek sub-division)

French Immersion: All students in Fort McMurray (North and South)

Other Choice Programs

Some Catholic Schools offer specialized programs in specific areas such as Performing Arts at Holy Trinity High School or Sports Academies at Father Mercredi High School. Although students are invited to register for these programs even is only offered in schools outside their attendance area, students cannot be considered eligible for transportation. In accordance with the Alberta Education Funding Manual, the only exception for attending a school outside of the attendance area are for French Immersion and CTS courses listed above (Welding, Cosmetology, Automobile Mechanics, Electrical & Instrumentation).