Thank You Creator

Creator, grandmothers, grandfathers thank you for another beautiful day on Mother Earth.

Thank you for bringing us together in this sacred circle to be able to share our thoughts, our teachings and our life lessons amongst each other with an open mind and heart.

Creator I just ask that you bless each of us and help us to continue to stay strong in order to do your work. Please give us the strength to protect the four-legged the two-legged, the ones that crawl, the ones that swim, and the ones that fly. Help us to walk upon Mother Earth in a gentle way to respect her and to carry out your work in taking care of all the beauty you have given us. Thank you for those gentle reminders creator that we are the chosen ones to take care of Mother Earth. Help us to remember that everything you have created has a spirit.

Help us to teach those that will walk behind us and thank you for the ones who walked ahead of us to pass those teachings on. Thank you creator for the breath of life, help us to never take that for granted.

Creator, wrap your blanket around those people who are in need of some extra love while dealing with this pandemic.

Creator, thank you for the opportunity to be able to share this prayer with you thank you for always reminding me that without you I am small and pitiful and therefore I need to continue to seek your guidance throughout my days.

All my relations