Share the Journey!

Today was the culmination of a wonderful project at Holy Trinity Catholic High School!

Through Caritas International, the official charity branch of the Vatican, and Development and Peace, Pope Francis had kicked off the “Share The Journey” campaign as a Lenten project. Pope Francis called the Catholics of the world to be in solidarity with our brothers and sisters who are refugees and displaced people in the world.

The campaign is simple: Pray for and with our brothers and sisters who are in some form of forced migration, learn about who they are, and be in solidarity with them through solidarity walks and counting our steps in solidarity.

Holy Trinity kicked the campaign off on Ash Wednesday. Each classroom was given an organizer to count daily steps, a step counter for accuracy, magazines on the campaign, a copy of the official Share The Journey prayer, and prayer cards for the students.

Teachers’ creativity shone as they came up with exciting and fun ways to get steps in solidarity. Whether it was through taking classes on walks while giving the daily lesson or lecture, or building lessons around movement from stations, authenticity was there and the success of the campaign was imminent.

It all culminated today where the entire school gathered as a school in prayer and solidarity and then took to the streets for our formal Solidarity Walk.

Pope Francis challenged Canada to walk 40,075km

Holy Trinity made the goal of contributing 2,500km to that.

At the end of our campaign Holy Trinity Catholic High School actually walked 20,439km!!!

Holy Trinity, when infused with the love of Christ, walked more than half of the kilometres that our entire country challenged to walk. The campaign was a complete success. The love Christ showed us to live guided us in our solidarity. The authenticity of staff inspired students.

Congratulations to the entire Holy Trinity Catholic School family!