Second Father Mercredi High School VEX Robotics Team Qualifies for World Championships!

(FORT MCMURRAY, AB – March 5, 2023) – Father Mercredi High School Robotics team 5760C Cobra Chickenz has earned a ticket to the VEX World Championships in Dallas, Texas after being part of a finalist alliance at VEX Robotics Provincials in Calgary! 

5760C was one of 6 Father Mercredi High School teams participating in Provincials this past weekend. They were undefeated in the qualification rounds leaving them as the number 2 ranked team in Alberta at Provincials. They were selected by the number one ranked team at Provincials to take on the playoffs together. In an incredibly tight semifinal match their alliance won by one point to make it to the finals. 

5760B UnBEARable was part of the winning alliance at Provincials and took home the Amaze Award for what the judges determined to be an amazing, well-rounded and top performing robot. 5760B won their ticket to Worlds in early February as part of the winning alliance at the Mecha Mayhem Signature event in Calgary. 

5670B and 5760C are ranked 3rd and 4th, respectively in Alberta Skills standings. The teams are now ranked 257th (team 5760B) and 430th (team 5760C) in the world rankings (source: This is an incredible accomplishment with thousands of teams all over the world in this ranking system.

All 6 Father Mercredi HS teams at Provincials came home with solid results. All six teams made it to the playoff rounds. Team 5760H won the middle school Judges Award in recognition of their overall performance, engineering notebook, and interview.

Father Mercredi High School head robotics coach Tom MacIsaac says it was another weekend to remember, “To have two teams qualify for Worlds in Texas is a great result! It was a goal we had set for ourselves this weekend and it was months in the making. As I like to say, success begets success. This program has been built on student success. What an inspiring weekend, we can’t wait for Worlds! A special thank you to our sponsors, we couldn’t do this without them.” 

Father Mercredi High School coach Holly Kalma says this truly rewards student dedication, “The work these students put in is awe inspiring. The evenings, the weekends, the tournaments…they are all in. And they do it while showing great sportsmanship and representing our school and community so well. Having all 6 teams make the playoffs and now to qualify two teams for the World Championships is a testament to their hard work and teamwork. We couldn’t be prouder!”

“What an experience!” adds Father Mercredi coach Carson Creighton. “I’m so proud of all of the teams. From seeing how great the future of our program looks with the success of our middle school teams, to seeing another team qualify for Worlds, the future of the program is in great hands.”

Team 5760C

  • Julian Chambrinho (grade 12)
  • Marc Durieu (grade 12) 
  • Ashton Oster (grade 11)
  • Alex Brady (grade 10)


  • Tom MacIsaac (head coach)
  • Holly Kalma (coach)
  • Nick Kalma (coach)
  • Carson Creighton (coach)