Pride Week!

Today we begin celebrating Pride Week!

Thank you to Jody Seymour, Religious Education – Faith Permeation Lead for Fort McMurray Catholic Schools for sharing this prayer.

Powerful and ever living God; you showed your love for us by giving us your Son Jesus who is the model for love. He wants us to experience incredible, life-changing love, mercy, and compassion not only from him, but from those around us.

Through our core values – we have a mission to love one another as you have loved us. We respect the unique value, dignity, mission and gifts that God gives each and every person in our school. We recognize that God created all children in his image and that diversity is beauty. Differences are gifts.

Give us the courage to remind others that the call to love and help others in tangible ways runs throughout the Bible. Give us the wisdom to share that the word ‘Catholic’ actually means including a variety, to embrace and to welcome. We are called to embrace, welcome and love all students.

May Jesus’ love for us be our greatest treasure. May his forgiveness inspire us to love those in our lives more deeply.

Thank you Lord for creating us all in your image. We are indeed fearfully and wonderfully made!

Amen. 🙏