Nicholas Freake Library Corner!

Check out Father Beauregard School’s latest addition to their library!

This beautiful and inviting corner of the library was created by staff to honour a former student. Nicholas Freake was one of a kind! His joy and infectious laughter still echos the walls at Beau. His memory is kept alive and celebrated by all those who knew and loved him.

Nicholas was a student in the Primary Independent Living Program and passed away 2 years ago. His parents, Heather Joy and Morley, still maintain connections with staff at Beau and regularly donate books to our school library in memory of Nicholas.

Nicholas loved books and was happiest when you read to him in the biggest, loudest and most animated way! Staff worked together to create this special area for all students at Father Beauregard School to enjoy.

Nicholas’ memory will forever live on and he will always bring joy to our school. Gone but not forgotten, and forever loved ❤️