Fort McMurray Catholic Schools will not Participate in K-6 Curriculum Pilot

(Fort McMurray, AB, April 30, 2021)-  After careful consideration Fort McMurray Catholic Schools has decided not to pilot the draft new curriculum during the 2021-22 school year. 

Fort McMurray Catholic Schools took time to review the curriculum and engage with staff, our community, and our Board of Trustees to come to this decision. 

“We have excellent teachers dedicated to serving the youth and families of our community. Our number one goal next year will be to continue to fill gaps in learning that continue to exist with our students. Piloting a new curriculum at the same time is simply not feasible. We will, however, continue to share our expertise through the Learn Alberta Hub. We are a great province with a strong spirit and one of the top educational systems in the world. Let’s heal first and then focus on finalizing our new curriculum.” – Fort McMurray Catholic Schools Superintendent George McGuigan

“We appreciate the fulsome review and recommendations provided by our curriculum review and senior leadership teams. To pilot or introduce a new curriculum at this time would be a disservice to our staff, students, and families. The events within our region over the last five years, coupled with learning gaps for our students as a result of the pandemic, are key drivers in ensuring the mental health of all within our division remains our top priority. We deeply value our collaboration with Alberta Education and know our teachers will be able to provide sufficient feedback on curriculum in other ways.” – Fort McMurray Catholic Board of Education Chair Cathie Langmead

Fort McMurray Catholic Schools encourages our general community and parents to review the Draft K-6 Curriculum in its entirety at, and engage in the Alberta Education feedback survey