FMCSD Account Invitation Process

Fort McMurray Catholic Schools is updating our processes and we wish to share some information with our families.

Parents/Guardians of students attending a Catholic school have received, or will soon receive, an email notification to invite them to create their account to access their web portal to the following systems:

EDSBY: Used by students, parents, teachers and school administrators for learning, assessment & reporting, attendance and community engagement. This includes report cards and will allow parents/guardians to report their child(ren)s absences.

RYCOR: Used by parents and schools for online payment and electronic forms.

For both systems, the notification will be sent to the email address of the parents held in our student information system. You will use your email address as your user name.

The use of online software is an essential part of communicating and engaging with families. We understand that the initial enrolment to these platforms can sometimes be complex. Please do not hesitate to contact your school administration office for assistance.

Thank you,

Fort McMurray Catholic Schools