Early Learning Registration is Open!

Children born in 2019 can be headed to school next year! And if that didn’t make you feel old enough- a student entering the Early Entry Program (EEP) next year could be on track to graduate in the year 2037.

As time flies by, our Early Learning team is going above and beyond to support our newest members of the Fort McMurray Catholic Schools family as they enter the Early Entry Program (EEP) and Kindergarten.

Fort McMurray Catholic Schools Early Learning Consultant Janice Molloy says this is the time of year parents start really planning ahead and asking about EEP and Kindergarten programming, “We find that once we get well established in the school year parents start planning for the next school year. Especially if their child will be attending school for the very first time. They see the back to school pictures on social media and know their turn is coming very soon!”

“The Early Entry Program is a language enriched program that focuses on learning through play. By learning through play, children are given the opportunity to develop social skills, mature emotionally, build cognitive skills and gain that very important self confidence,” continues Molloy. “We are happy to offer the Early Entry Program at all of our elementary schools. In addition, it is also offered in French at Ecole St Paul”.

Children born in 2019 are eligible for EEP for 2023/24. Children born in 2018 are eligible for Kindergarten for 2023/24.

An Early Learning classroom upon first appearance may look like your typical classroom, but Molloy says it is much more, “There are many services available to our students to develop speech and language, fine motor skills and gross motor development, as examples. All programs are led by a qualified educator, have access to registered speech – language pathologists, occupational therapists, physical therapists, and several other supports to address the unique learning needs of all children.”

“We understand and recognize for some children this will be their first opportunity to be in a school environment,” says Molloy, “And for many parents, this will be their first time sending their child to school. We know that comes with a lot of emotions. We’ve been there too. So to ease the transition, we have created a series of short videos that parents and children can watch together and access on our website. They are specific to each of our elementary schools. The pictures will give children a brief tour of what their school and classroom will look like.”

Fort McMurray Catholic Schools will also be providing additional information in the spring as we get closer to the 2023/24 school year to help our families prepare for the transition to school.

Open houses are happening during Early Learning Week in the spring Molloy explains, ”These Open Houses are an opportunity for parents to truly feel connected to the school for the first time. More details for families about our Open Houses will be available soon. Registration is available now online for next year.”

If you have any further questions about our Early Learning programs, please contact Janice Molloy at janice.molloy@fmcsd.ab.ca.

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