Early Learning Q&A Session

Welcome to our 2023/24 school year EEP & Kindergarten Q & A video!

We hope you are able to learn more about our incredible early learning programs.

As always, if you have any further questions about our Early Learning programs, please get in touch with Janice Molloy at janice.molloy@fmcsd.ab.ca.

All Open Houses will happen the week of April 24-28, 2023.

  • April 24- Father Beauregard and St Gabriel Schools
  • April 25- Good Shepherd and St Kateri Schools
  • April 26- Ècole St Paul and St Anne Schools
  • April 27- Sister Mary Phillips and Our Lady of the Rivers Schools
  • April 28- Elsie Yanik Catholic and St Martha Schools

* EEP Open Houses are by appointment only (must be registered)

* Kinder Open Houses are drop in sessions

🔷 Children born in 2019 are eligible for 2023/24 EEP

🔷 Children born in 2018 are eligible for 2023/24 Kindergarten

🟦 Want to see what your early learning classroom may look like: https://bit.ly/3wwQZW3

🟦 Want to learn more about our programming: https://fmcschools.ca/early-learning/

💻📱 Register today online: https://fmcschools.ca/how-to-register/