Draft K-4 Curriculum Available Online

In June 2016, Alberta Education began work on developing new provincial curriculum in six subject areas: language arts (English and French), mathematics, social studies, sciences, arts, and wellness education. This past spring, Alberta Education shared draft curriculum with Albertans to gather feedback on what students will learn in Kindergarten to Grade 4. The latest draft curriculum includes the feedback received to date.

Telephone town halls

Minister Eggen and Alberta Education officials will be hosting telephone town halls to discuss the draft K-4 curriculum. The calls will start at 7 p.m. on:

  • Oct. 16 for northern Alberta residents
  • Oct. 17 for southern Alberta residents

The telephone town hall meetings are part of a broader approach to sharing information about curriculum development work. The calls will also be live-streamed for anyone who wants to listen online instead of over the phone.

Pre-register for the telephone town halls by visiting education.alberta.ca/curriculum-development.

Government has also launched a new platform for Albertans to access the draft curriculum on the new LearnAlberta.ca website.

Curriculum review timeline

Current curriculum remains in effect until future provincial curriculum is approved by the Minister of Education. Timelines for implementation of future provincial curriculum have yet to be set.

Targeted timelines for ministerial approval of curriculum:

  • Grades K–4: December 2018
  • Grades 5–8: December 2019
  • Grades 9–10 (three subject areas): December 2020
  • Grades 9–10 (three subject areas) and 11–12 (three subject areas): December 2021
  • Grades 11–12 (three subject areas): December 2022