Alert Ready Test


We’d like you to be aware that a test of the Alert Ready system will occur all across Alberta at 1:55pm on Wednesday May 4, 2022.

The Alert Ready system ensures Albertans can receive messages about life-threatening emergencies, such as a tornado, wildfire, flood or Amber Alert, directly to their cellphones. Wireless Public Alerting is a national system that will send life-saving emergency alert messages directly to compatible smartphones connected to an LTE network within an area affected by a disaster or emergency.

This alert can and may override user settings such as silent mode. It will depend on the phone carrier and type of phone. But some phones that are on silent mode may make noise.

Please note this will be the exact same sound that starts an Alberta Emergency Alert, we know this may not be a welcome sound for some.

These notifications are free of charge and you can’t opt out. To check your smartphone’s compatibility and to learn more about what types of alerts can be broadcasted, visit