The last week of Advent is upon us. Please see this short article on the season of advent from Father Mercredi High School chaplain Cherie Phinney.

As we finish up our preparations for Christmas day, let us reflect on what the last month has meant for us, and what is to come on Christmas day. Over the last 3 weeks in our schools, we have prepared our hearts for the birth of Christ through prayer and reflection. As a Catholic Division Family, we keep the spirit of the season in the forefront in our classrooms. We’ve done so with our prayer table cloths matching the candles, our bulletin boards reminding students to stop and experience the season, and our religion lessons and daily prayers reflecting on the coming of Christ.

As a Catholic family, it is important that we carry these traditions through our schools and homes. While our excitement for Christmas is reaching its peak, and as our children are anxiously awaiting Christmas morning, we keep the focus on the true meaning of the season. This is why, in many families, we have always waited to place the baby Jesus in the manger until Christmas Eve or Christmas Day. The act of placing the baby, the most important gift of the season, in the manger, before the opening of presents, reminds us that the Christ Child is the reason for the season.

So this Christmas season, we hope that you have a wonderful holiday, and that the light of Christ shines on our entire Fort McMurray Catholic Schools family.