Accountability Pillar Results

(FORT MCMURRAY, AB – October 23, 2018)- Fort McMurray Catholic Schools is proud of the achievements of our students. Each and every day we strive for improvement. Alberta Education recently released the results of the latest Accountability Pillar Overall Summary. This ‘report card’ of achievement shows strong work by the entire Fort McMurray Catholic Schools family.

  • The Fort McMurray Catholic Schools drop out rate of 0.6 remains one of the lowest in the province. The provincial average is 2.3.
  • Fort McMurray Catholic Schools 3 year High School completion rate is 85.1. The provincial average is 78.
  • 87.6% of families describe Fort McMurray Catholic Schools as a safe and caring learning environment.
  • Under the category of School Improvement 80.6% of families see Fort McMurray Catholic Schools as continually improving.

Fort McMurray Catholic Schools Superintendent George McGuigan, “It is always gratifying to look at your annual results and see the progress we continue to make. Our drop out rate continues to be quite low at 0.6%. We do not give up on our youth. This dedication transforms to an impressive High school completion rate of 86%. We have superb results for our Indigenous students- 0.4% drop out rate and 90.3% High School Completion rate. However, what is most gratifying for me is how our stakeholders see us continually trying to improve. This is critical. Our goal is to always try to be just a little bit better each year. We are committed to this.”

Fort McMurray Catholic Board of Education Board Chair Paula Galenzoski, “We have incredibly strong community and family partnerships that are critical to our students’ success, academically and otherwise. Because the report is a snapshot, it is never considered in isolation, always within the broader picture. The credit is due to our entire staff, students, and families – our entire school community – that are committed to working collectively to give our students the best opportunities for success for them, from EEP all the way through to grade 12.”

Superintendent McGuigan says this is the result of a lot of work on the part of many members of the Fort McMurray Catholic Schools family, “This shows the commitment of students, staff and parents. We are powerful partners in Education. We all have the same goal; student success with the ability to pursue a career pathway of their choice. We are proud to be part of a district that puts the youth at the heart of what we do. We have passionate staff, living their vocation.”