2023/24 Registration is Open!

Registration is open for the 2023/24 school year! We can’t wait to meet our new friends who will be joining us in 2023/24! 

Here are a few reminders as we prepare for the upcoming year:

➡️ Those registering for the Early Entry Program (EEP) for 2023/24 will have been born in 2019.
➡️ Those registering for Kindergarten for 2023/24 will have been born in 2018.
➡️ You can register via: https://fmcschools.ca/how-to-register/
➡️ Early Learning School Tours: https://fmcschools.ca/early-learning-tours/
➡️ More information on our Early Learning Programs: https://fmcschools.ca/early-learning/