2019/20 Year End Message!

We cannot thank you all enough for making the 2019/20 school year a success. Parents are always, of course, a vital part of the education of a child, but this year was very different. We know it was difficult to support from home with so many additional stresses on you and your families.

We at Fort McMurray Catholic Schools know you have many questions about next year. Alberta Education has provided direction on three possible scenarios as we prepare to embark on the 2020/21 school year. Education Minister Adriana LaGrange has publicly indicated that at this time, Scenario 1 is the most likely scenario, but an update will be provided by August 1st.

A Fort McMurray Catholic Schools relaunch document is in the process of being finalized. We will share this with you in the near future. We hope it helps you prepare for what next school year could look like. We all want a return to normal, but we must mentally prepare ourselves that there will be several changes next year. Health and safety must come first, so our staff are very busy planning for all 3 possible scenarios with a focus on scenario 1 as Alberta Education has indicated it is most likely.

Please take some time this summer to relax and recharge. These have been trying times and we will continue to walk through them together. I feel the Fort McMurray Catholic Schools family is stronger than ever. But we have been through so much- a global pandemic and a devastating flood in our community can make us all question why. We wish to remind you to lean on your faith. We are strong because we are together and we are part of God’s plan.

It was so heartwarming to see and join many of our celebrations in the past few weeks. We, as a Division, were able to create some virtual memories to share:

2019/20 Fort McMurray Catholic Schools Year End Video!

Fort McMurray Catholic Schools Year End Virtual Division Mass.

We will reach out to our families again with our relaunch strategy and more details in the near future. Again, thank you for all of your support during this school year and we look forward to working with you in 2020/21.

God bless,

George McGuigan

Superintendent of Schools