Instructional Support Plans (ISP)

What is an Instructional Support Plan (ISP)?

Many students in regular classroom placement require additional supports to order to succeed.  Supports are best when placed using a clear process that tracks student progress and makes decisions regarding instructional programming based on gathered data and evidence.  The Instructional Support Plan (ISP) fills this role by systematically gathering evidence of student learning and helping teachers to match the best strategies to support student needs.  The ISP process also formally involves the parents as active team members who are kept informed of their child’s progress.

What does Alberta Education have to say?

As part of the planning process, teachers should review all available student information, including specialized assessments, to help identify the level and types of instructional strategies and supports each student requires. The goal of these instructional support plans is to create meaningful and successful learning opportunities for all students, using the programs of study as a starting point of instruction.

Our ISP Process?

Concerns for a student might be raised by the parents or teacher(s).  The teacher then, with the help of the school’s Classroom Support Teacher, gathers and reviews student information which is then used to guide the selection of supports.  These supports are listed in the ISP which is then reviewed with the parents (and possibly the child) and then implemented in the classroom.  There may be additional team members during this process such as the school Principal, the school Counselor, or consultants such as Speach Language or Occupational Therapists.