Executive Limitations

Board of Trustees

Monitoring, as construed in Policy Governance, consists of comparing performance data against a reasonable interpretation of either ends policies or executive limitations policies. Consequently, only the characteristics or aspects of some topic (e.g., budgeting, personnel treatment) that are controlled by the Board need to be checked. The Board will have built those criteria into applicable policies, so the CEO knows up-front the expectations against which he or she will be judged. Therefore, the Board does not do blanket approvals of budgets, program designs, or staff compensation plans, but it will have set out the limits of prudence and ethics within which the CEO must stay. Monitoring pointedly targets those Board-stated criteria, making these criteria the Board has chosen to control stand out in bold relief.

Executive Limitations (EL)

EL-1 General Executive Constraint

EL-2 Safe Healthy & Secure Environment

EL-3 Treatment of Staff

EL-4 Treatment of Students & Parents

EL-5 Curriculum & Instruction

EL-8 Asset Protection

EL-9 Compensation & Benefits

EL-10 Communication & Support to the Board

EL11 – Emergency Superintendent Succession

EL12 – Public Image

EL13 – Information Management

EL14 – Partnerships

EL15 – Site Based Decision Making

EL16 – School Councils

EL17 – Transportation

EL18 – Fees and Fundraising