In Fort McMurray Catholic Schools, we use the Edsby platform as a tool to enhance family communication, student involvement in their education and to provide insight into your child’s classroom and school activities. 

To learn more about how to utilize Edsby please use this document.

In order to gain valuable information about your child’s progress, we recommend being enrolled and active on Edsby.

We encourage you to use Edsby to:

  • Notify your child’s school about absences
  • Keep in communication with your child’s teacher
  • Sign up for parent teacher interviews
  • View upcoming events happening in your child’s school
  • View your child’s upcoming assignment deadlines (Grade 7 – 12)
  • View your child’s up to date marks on individual assignments (Grade 7-12)
  • View your child’s report card

What is the Server Name when using the Edsby app on my mobile device?

When you install the Edsby app on your mobile device, you will be asked for a code or a server name.  Simply Insert the letters FMCSD before edsby.com.

What is the URL when using a Browser?