Early Learning

‘Growing, Learning and Playing Together’

Early Learning Overview

All programs include…

  • Learning through play
  • Integration of the fine arts
  • Rich oral language opportunities
  • Family oriented programming opportunities
  • A multi-disciplinary team that includes early learning consultants, speech-language pathologist, occupational therapist, physical therapist and psychologist
  • Faith-based learning environment


Fort McMurray Catholic Schools offers language rich Early Entry and Kindergarten programs focused on learning through play. Children interact explore, and make sense of their world. Our small class settings in neighbourhood schools deliver programs that individually address each child's unique learning needs. All children and their families are welcome to come learn, play and grow in our faith-based inclusive early learning programs.

Information for Parents

'Growing, Learning and Playing Together'

Family Oriented Programming

Family Oriented Programming

For Caregivers of a Child with a Developmental Delay

Free Family orientated programming is offered throughout the school year to parents/caregivers with a child currently registered in our schools who has a developmental delay. Families meet with our team’s Speech-Language, Physical and Occupational Therapists for fun interactive workshops designed to enhance learning. Parents learn to incorporate early literacy skills into everyday routines through books, songs, and rhymes. Includes informative workshops on positive parenting strategies.