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We are here to support our families. As we transition to off-site learning during unprecedented times we will continue to support families to the best of our abilities. Have questions about what off-site learning will look like for your particular situation? Please reach out to your teacher. We will work through all challenges together.

Resource Information

Alberta Education- Update on student learning and school re-entry engagement

Minister LaGrange Letter to Alberta Parents/Guardians March 20, 2020.

Alberta Education FAQ Document March 20, 2020.

Alberta Education media release March 20, 2020.

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We at Fort McMurray Catholic Schools acknowledge the capacity for student learning to continue at home is challenging, due to the COVID-19 school facility closures. We also recognise many of you have additional stressors due to the flood. We are committed to providing quality learning opportunities for students in an off-site learning format during this time. Teachers are and will continue to provide students with engaging activities that have continued learning at the core.

As you are aware, Alberta Education has cancelled all provincial assessments (Grades 6 and 9 Provincial Achievement Tests and Grade 12 Diploma Exams). However, our teachers continue to assess students regularly to ensure they are engaged and learning. Off-site Learning assessment for students is focused on providing feedback that encourages growth and enhances understanding of critical concepts.

School Divisions have been directed by Alberta Education to provide a final report card in June. In accordance with this directive from Alberta Education each student will get final grades and a report card appropriate to their grade level. Teachers will assess a student’s progress and assign a final grade.

We want to assure parents that all students who were on track to progress to the next grade will do so. We remain committed to work with high school students to complete their courses to the best of their ability, providing a final mark and awarding credits. If a High School student is unable to complete a course that allows them to progress to the next level, Principals/Teachers will discuss the situation with the affected student and parent.

General Principles to guide student assessment:

  • Teachers will continue to prepare learning opportunities for students in alignment with Provincial direction and in accordance to the Alberta Curriculum.
  • Assessment will occur in different ways that takes into consideration an off-site learning format.
  • Teachers will continue to assess students and provide feedback to support engagement and continued learning.
  • EEP to Grade 6 students will be provided with a modified final report card using anecdotal comments.
  • Grades 7 to 12 students will be provided with a final report card indicating “numerical” grades.
  • When on-site learning resumes, teachers will assess students to determine where they are in their learning and re-teach concepts as required to ensure continued student success.

We thank you for your continued support and understanding. If you have questions about ongoing learning for your child, we encourage you to contact your child’s teacher and/or Principal.