Catholic Education

Catholic Education Matters

The Fort McMurray Catholic Board of Education serves approximately  6,800 students in 13 schools.  All schools offer a wide range of programming geared towards meeting the academic, cultural and spiritual needs of our community.

An integral part of the Public Education System of Alberta, Catholic Schools offer a faith-based learning environment to students of any background and a level of instruction geared toward the highest academic standards.  Instruction is primarily in English.

French Immersion programs are offered at Ecole St. Paul School French Immersion Centre (Preschool, Kindergarten and Grade 1 – 6) and at L’Ecole Secondaire Sainte Trinite (Holy Trinity High School, for grades 7 to 12)

A wide range of sports, social, cultural, fine arts, spiritual and leadership programs are available.

Fort McMurray Catholic Schools welcome members of all faith communities interested in having their children educated in an environment permeated with the teachings of the Catholic Christian Faith.  Parents of students that are not Catholic will be required to meet the Principal of their school when registering to discuss these expectations.  Parents must respect the freedom of Catholic Schools to openly study, practice and celebrate their Christian Catholic Faith.

You may register your child at any time. Please visit any of our 13 Catholic schools.

Catholic Education

Catholic Education, within the framework of our society, operates on the premise that every human life is unique and valuable and therefore, that individuals should be provided with the opportunity to develop toward their full potential.  Education for all focuses on individuals and their optimal development as skills, free and purposeful persons — able to manage themselves in an open society and contribute as members of that society.  Educational programs aim to develop the spiritual, intellectual, physical, social, emotional, moral, cultural and aesthetic potential of all students to the best of their abilities.

Within a responsive Catholic Christian environment, we deliver high quality educational services enabling each student to be a life-long learner, successfully able to meet the challenges of the future with confidence.

Fort McMurray Catholic Schools recognizes their responsibility for providing each student with an appropriate educational program.  It is understood that in order to achieve this goal, teachers must work together with other staff, professionals and with parents and students in planning for development of the “whole person.”  The staff within all schools in the system will make a commitment to these principles and procedures.