Board-Superintendent Relationship Policies

Board of Trustees

Role and relationships of the Chief Executive Officer

Boards use many different titles to describe the top staff person in their organization. We have seen Executive Director, Superintendent, General Manager, President, Executive Vice President, and many more. The title used, however, does not tell us if the incumbent of the position is a CEO (even if “CEO” is used as the title). The CEO, if one exists, is the first person below the Board of Directors who, as an individual, has authority over the organization. He or she is accountable to the Board that the organization meets its expectations. And accordingly, the CEO, to be a real CEO, must have authority over the operational organization. Many top staff positions are given only partial authority to make decisions, and therefore cannot be held accountable for the performance of the organization. It is, after all, not possible to hold people accountable for decisions and actions over which they have no authority.

BSR-1 Global Board-Superintendent Relationship

BSR-2 Unity of Control

BSR-3 Accountability of the Superintendent

BSR-4 Delegation to the Superintendent

BSR-5 Monitoring Superintendent Performance