Assurance Framework

Assurance Framework

Fort McMurray Catholic Schools Journey from Accountability to Assurance

We are committed to continued growth and best student learning practices. The Assurance Framework for educational planning represents our commitment to clear goals, outcomes, and strategies. 

Assurance provides the framework for our division to continue to be responsive and aligned to the needs of the Division’s school communities.

As part of our journey in moving to the assurance model in March 2021 we reached out to our students, families, and staff to gauge how we are performing as a division. We received approximately 1500 responses.  

March 2021 Assurance Survey Highlights

  • 77.9% of students feel safe, caring, and inclusive schools are “very important”
  • 83.5% of parent/guardians feel the development of mental health resources and resiliency in our youth and staff is “very important”
  • 85% of our staff feel providing early intervention for students is “very important”
  • Our families, staff, students and community feel a strong connection to our 4 Core Values

The education system in Alberta is based on continual improvement. There are professional practice standards for teachers, principals and system leaders. School authority planning is also an integral component of continual improvement in Fort McMurray Catholic Schools. We will always strive to do better; be better. This is our commitment.

Fort McMurray Catholic School Division Assurance Plan 2020-21