Transportation Fees – Non Eligible Students

Student Transportation Fees in effect for School Year 2017-2018 are as follows: 


In accordance with the Alberta School Act and the new Alberta School Transportation Regulation (adopted in June 2017), School Jurisdictions in the Province of Alberta are now required to provide transportation services at no cost for: 

  • students who live 2.4 kilometres or more away from their designated schools;
  • students who have a disability that prohibits them from using regular transportation services and are transported using Specialized Transportation;

The distance from the designated school is based on walking distance measured using walkways and trails.  It is measured using a specialized software approved by Alberta Education.  The use of commercial mapping software such as Google Maps will not be considered. 

To determine the distance to your designated school, please use the following link EDULOG WEB QUERY.  Enter your address and select:  CATH or FCTH (French Immersion)  in the Program Field.  

There are no fee for eligible students using Transportation Services to their designated school.

Transportation Services offered to other students (non-eligible)

The Fort McMurray Catholic Board of Education and the Fort McMurray Public School District No 2833 are providing additional transportation services in many areas to students who live less  than 2.4 km from their designated schools. However, this service is not funded in any part by Alberta Education and is offered solely as an additional service for the convenience of parents. 

The fee charged for this additional services is set at $350 per year for School Year 2017/18.  

The two Fort McMurray School Districts are not providing any transportation services to non-eligible students attending the High Schools.  Those students may purchase a bus pass from the RMWB for transit.  The Student Pass is available at a cost of $ 35 per month. 

Payment Plans available to non-eligible students using Yellow Bus Transportation

The following payment plans for transportation fees are available:

Option A: Full payment before start of service or no later than September 30th:  $350

Option B: Three equal payments of $120.  First payment before start of service or no later than September 30th.  Two payments on November 30th and March 15th.

RMWB Transit Users may purchase their monthly pass at a cost of $35 from the school or other points of sale in City.  

Fee Reduction

The Board recognizes that from time to time, there may be a need to review transportation fees for some families due to a financial hardship situation. When payment of transportation fees cannot be made in full or individual payment plan may be necessary, the parent(s)/ guardian(s) or independent student is required to complete the fee reduction application form available at the school. The completed form along with supporting financial documentation will be reviewed by the School Principal who has the authority to provide a payment plan or to reduce the transportation fee. Any fee reduction will be charged to the school budget. Hardship requests must be made annually and must be supported by appropriate financial documentation.

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