School Messenger Notice

Notice to Parents- School Safety, Security, and Notifications

Dear Parents and Guardians,

A new school notification system is being implemented for all Fort McMurray Catholic Schools. School Messenger Ⓡ is a notification tool that will be used by Catholic School and District Administrators to quickly send messages via text, email, or phone, in regards to emergent situations in and around any schools. It is also a tool that can be used by our schools to share information about school events such as hot lunch days, special assemblies, and important days at school.

School Messenger Ⓡ uses the parent/guardian information stored in our Student Information System. It is therefore important that you notify your school of any changes in phone numbers or email addresses.

To receive text message communication from Fort McMurray Catholic Schools, you will have to “opt in” this service. If your current cellular number is in the School’s Student Information System (Maplewood), you will soon receive an “opt-in” text message with a short code (5 digit number) from School Messenger. You will have to respond yes to this text message to “opt-in” the service and to continue receive important information from your school and school district. If you do not want to receive text messages from School Messenger Ⓡ, please contact your school so that an alternate communication method can be put in place.

School Messenger has an app available for IPhone and Android devices which you can utilize. More information can be found at

Please be assured that every effort will be made to keep you informed as to what is happening during an emergency event. However, communication may still not be instantaneous as the first priority of the staff will always be to attend to the emergency and look after the safety of students. Some situations may also require a delay in communication to comply to emergency protocols or at the request of first responders.

To help parents better understand the terminology used for safety and emergency protocols in our school, the definitions of Lockdowns, Holds & Secure and Shelters in Place is now posted on the District Web Site at

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