Registration & Admission Guide

The following guide is provided to assist parents with students attending Fort McMurray Catholic Schools in September 2016.  


First day of School

The first day of school for students in Grades 1 to 12 is Tuesday, September 6th. Children in the Early Entry Program (EEP) or in Kindergarten start later in the week. Parents will be contacted individually to inform them of the first day of school for their children. 

Supplies List

The supplies list for all Catholic Schools is available here.   Supplies list apply to students from ECS to Grade 9. 

New Students

New students registering in a Fort McMurray Catholic School for the first time must complete a pre-registration form available here online.   This should be followed by a visit to the school in late August before the start of class to provide all necessary documentation such as birth certificate,  citizenship information and immunization record. 

Moving from EEP to Kindergarten and transfers between schools

If not done already, the completion of the On-line pre-registration form available is also required for: 

  • Children moving from an Early Entry Program (EEP) to Kindergarten;
  • Students transferring from one Catholic School to another.  This allows the new school to prepare for the arrival of the new student, place the student in a homeroom and budget for the appropriate staff.  A new registration is NOT required for students that attended Father Beauregard and Good Shepherd School transferring to Father Turcotte School for School Year 2016/2017.  We do ask that you complete the 2016 Enrolment Survey.
  • Students transferring to Grade 7 at Holy Trinity or Father Mercredi High School that already provided their notification/intention forms in the Spring are not required to re-register.  The High School is already aware of the arrival of the students.  Students are still required to complete the admission procedures at their respective High School – see details below).  

Yellow Bus Transportation

If you require Yellow Bus transportation for September 2016, you must: 

  • Read the Student Transportation Policy to determine if you qualify for Yellow Bus Service.  There are several restrictions on the services provided.  

Request for Yellow Bus Transportation

  • If your child qualifies for Yellow Bus Transportation, you MUST submit a request for transportation at least 7 days prior to the commencement of service.  If service is required on the first day of school, you must make the request on or before August 30th. 

For Questions or Inquiries, please use the following links below:

General Inquiries

Transportation Inquiries (for inquiries only)  

Request for Yellow Bus Transportation Services (for transportation request) 

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