MySchoolBus Monitor

My School Bus Monitor (MSBM) 

Sparksman Transportation subscribes to the My School Bus Monitor to help communicate school bus delays to parents and schools. 

The system allow parents to:

  • Access the web page at MSBM web site to view the status of the route; and/or
  • Sign-up for the automatic e-mail notification service to receive a text message is the bus is late

Note that if you registered for the service for last school year, you will need to register again.  Registrations are cleared from the database at the end of every school year.

To sign up for the automatic notification, please go to the Sparksman Web Page here and enter the following information: 

  • Enter and confirm your e-mail address
  • Enter spk as the name of the carrier 
  • Click on “Apply: 
  • A new window will pop-up, select the school and the route(s) of your child  (you can select more than one route)

You can go back later to add or delete routes.

Please note that:

  • Routes will only be entered in the second week of September.   
  • Only busses that are late by 15 minutes or more will be reported;
  • There is a time delay between an event causing a delay and the reporting  (for example, a bus driver will not report a late bus if experiencing heavy traffic until it become obvious the bus will be delayed by more than 15 minutes.  
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