School Fees

Supplies and Material Fees (Basic Instruction)

The Fort McMurray Catholic Board of Education suspended the collection of Supplies and Material Fees for School Year 2016/17 in the year of recovery from the May 2016 Wildfire.   Students were charged a basic fee of $ 75, $ 95 or $ 150 depending on the grade level. 

Effective for School Year 2017/18, the Basic Supplies and Material Fees are cancelled and will no longer be charged to parents of students in Fort McMurray Catholic Schools.

Curricular Fees

Schools may charge fees to cover the cost for students to participate in curricular activities such as : 

  • Field Trips:  for transportation to events or admission fees
  • High School CTS Options:  for material used in CTS Options or extra costed related to the delivery of the program
  • Special Events:  for extra costs related to the participation of students in special events held outside the school

Extra-Curricular Fees

Schools may charge fees to cover the cost for students to participate in extra-curricular activities such as : 

  • Sport Team:  for transportation to events or admission fees
  • Travel Clubs/Special Trips:  for transportation and other costs related to optional Provincial, out of Province or International Travel organized by a group of students.  Many of the costs will be covered through fundraising activities that will be held by the student groups.
  • High School Student Union:  A small fee is collected from students and provided to the Student Union to hold various events during the school year.
  • Graduation: a fee is charge to students graduating from the High School to pay for the expenses related to the graduation ceremonies and events.

Early Entry Program (EEP) Fees

The Early Entry Program (EEP) is offered to parents as an optional program that is not fully funded by the Province of Alberta. The Fort McMurray Catholic Board of Education support approximately 85% of the program cost while user fees cover the remaining 15%.

The EEP program fees for school year 2017/2018 are as follows:

  • $ 100:   Registration Fees for all children payable at the time of acceptance into the program.  The money collected serves to pay for the administration and testing costs for the program.  

Following registration and acceptance in the program, children will be evaluated using the Early Years Evaluation Direct Assessment (EYE-DA).  The EYE-DA.  The results of the evaluation are used to determine funding eligibility form Alberta Education of Early Childhood Services.

Children that are not eligible for funding from Alberta Education will be subject to the following additional Pre-School Program Fees: 

  • $ 200 payable on or before 10 December
  • $ 200 payable on or before 15 March


Transportation Fees

Information on transportation policies and fees are available on the following pages: 

Transportation Policies

Transportation Fees


Refund and cancellation policy for fees.


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