Supplies & Material Fees

Elementary School

Early Entry Program

The Early Entry Program (EEP) is offered to parents as an optional program that is not funded by the Province of Alberta. The Fort McMurray Catholic Board of Education funds 85% of the cost while user fees cover the remaining 15%.

The EEP program fees for school year 2016/2017 is $500 per child. The first payment of $100 was made at the time of acceptance into the program.

The following payment schedule is in effect (parents may pay the full amount at any time)

At Registration: $ 100
10 December 2015: $ 200
15 March 2016: $ 200 

Kindergarten to Grade 6:  $75 per year

***Please note Basic Instructional Fees have been suspended for the 2016/17 school year

Students in elementary schools are required to pay a supplies and material fee of $75 per year.  There are no other costs except for student transportation or extra-curricular activities such as ski trips or participation in sports tournaments. On-line payment system.

Junior High and Senior High School

***Please note Basic Instructional Fees have been suspended for the 2016/17 school year

Supplies and material fees for Junior High and Senior High Students are as follows:

Grades 7 to 9:  $ 95 / year

Grades 10-12: $ 150 / year

Other fees are in effect for Student Union, Locker rental, Graduation (for Grad class only) and participation in extra-curricular activities. 

Father Mercredi High School – 2015 Admission Week and on-line payment information. 

Holy Trinity High School – 2015 Admission Days and on-line payment information. 

Transportation Fees

Information on transportation policies and fees are available on the following pages: 

Transportation Policies

Transportation Fees


Refund and cancellation policy for fees.


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