FAQ – Finance

Q-1 What are the policies for the reimbursement of travel expenses? 

Please refer to Operating policy 516 – Reimbursement of Travel Expenses available on the District Web Site under the Operating Policies Page. It is important to note that all travel and professional development expenses must be authorized in advance by submitting a travel or PD request form to the designated authority. 

Q-2  Are there limitations to the expenses being reimbursed? 

The condition of travel and reimbursement rates are provided in Operating Policy 516.   The reimbursement of travel expenses may be subjected to specific limitations or conditions such as partial reimbursement or the sharing of accommodation or use of vehicle of transportation shall be used.

Q-3  Can I purchase school supplies using my credit card and being reimbursed? 

Policies and procedures the purchasing goods and services are outlined in Operating Policy 521 – Purchasing.   The policy mandates all purchases to be done through Purchase Orders except for low cost supply items that may be acquired through School Credit Cards.  

In exceptional circumstances, a Principal may authorize a staff member to purchase an item using their individual credit card and request reimbursement by submitting an expense claim.  Pre-authorization is required.  An explanation must be provided on the expense claim to justify the use of an individual credit card for the purchase. 

Q-4 What is the procedures to seek reimbursement of an travel or other expense? 

A signed expense claim form must be submitted to the approving authority (normally the School Principal) along with original copies of receipts.  Upon authorization, the expense claim will be sent to the Finance Department for final approval and processing.

Reimbursements to employees for authorized travel and other expenses will now be made by EFT using the banking information held in the Human Resources/Payroll System. The processed is summarized as follows:

a. Approximately every 10 – 15 working days, open expense claims batches will be closed and processed;

b. An EFT file will then be submitted to the bank;

c. Employees receiving payment will receive an email from fmcsd_finance@fmcsd.ab with the subject line: “ePayment Advice“. An Statement of Expenses similar to a cheque stub will be attached to the email as a PDF.   Google Mail often classifies this email address as SPAM and automatically places the email in the Spam Box.  To prevent this from occurring, simply add the email address (fmcsd_finance@fmcsd.ab.ca) to your contact list in Google Mail.

d. The processing time of EFT files submitted to the bank takes between 24 and 72 hours (excluding weekend and statutory holidays) depending on the time of submission and the financial institution. 


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