ConnectED for Parents

Parents of students in grades 7 to 12 can now access the School Student Information System though a Web Portal.

Maplewood connectEd provides student information to authenticated students, teachers, parents, and administrative staff.  It runs with any web browser. 

 Parents can view the biographic information, contacts, phone numbers, timetable, attendance, mark, and historical achievement of their children.

 Students can can monitor their own academic and attendance progress.

With Real-time access to Student Records, Mark Reporting and Attendance,  parents can ensure our records are accurate and up-to-date and follow the progress of their child including assessment and attendance.  

Maplewood ConnectED is a important tool to enhance communication between the teachers and the parents, partnering to ensure the success of students. 


How to access the portal

Step 1:  Obtain your user ID and Password

Complete and submit the form below to request your user ID and Password.   We will verify some of the information provided against our records (such as the Date of Birth) to authenticate the identity of the person making the request.  

Web Access to MW ConnectED (SIS)

Please complete the information below to request access to the Maplewood Student Information System Parent Web Portal. The staff will verify the information provided against our record and will forward


Step 2:  Access the portal on any web browser using the following URL :

 Once you receive your user ID and password, you will be accessing the Maplewood ConnectED at the following URL: 

Holy Trinity:

Fr Mercredi:

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