Board of Governance Policies

Board of Trustees

The Board’s own Means are defined in accordance with the roles of the Board, its members, the chair and other officers, and any committees the Board may need to help it accomplish its job. This includes the necessity to “speak with one voice”. Dissent is expressed during the discussion preceding a vote. Once taken, the Board’s decisions may subsequently be changed, but are never to be undermined. The Board’s expectations for itself also set out self-imposed rules regarding the delegation of authority to the staff and the method by which Board-stated criteria will be used for evaluation.

GP-1 Global Governance Process Policy

GP-2 Governing Style

GP-3 Board Job Contributions

GP-4 Board Chair’s Role

GP-5 Board Committee Principles

GP-6 Board Committee Structure

GP-7 Board and Committee Expenses

GP-8 Code of Conduct

GP-9 Investment in Governance

GP-10 Board Linkage with Catholic Faith Community

GP-11 Board Linkage with other Organizations

GP-12 Board Planning Cycle and Agenda Control

GP-13 Policy Development Process

GP-14 Appeals to the Board

GP-15 Public Access to Board Information

GP-16 Governance Succession

GP-17 Annual Organizational Meeting