Capital Estate Planning RSP

In accordance with article 11.10 of the Collective Agreement between teachers and the FMCBE, eligible teachers may choose to direct their monthly Health Spending Account (HSA) contributions to the ATA Group RRSP from Capital Estate Planning.

To select this option, teachers must ensure that payroll receives a duly completed Payroll deduction authorization form from Capital Estate Planning on or before August 15th.

The ATA RSP Saving Plan Application Form is available below:

Fort McMurray Catholic Schools – ATA Group RRSP Application

A few important notes:

  • The completed application from (including the payroll deduction authorization section) must be returned directly to Capital Estate Planning. Do not send the form directly to HR or Payroll.  (See the top of the application form for the method of transmitting the form to Capital Estate Planning)
  • If you already have an account with Capital Estate Planning, you must still complete page 3 of the application form and send it to Capital Estate Planning
  • Capital Estate Planning will communicate directly with Payroll and provide the necessary information such as your RRSP Account Number
  • Payroll will deposit/transfer the monthly eligible HSA Amount to Capital Estate Planning for deposit in the member’s ATA RRSP account.  
  • Members cannot split their eligible HSA contribution between their HSA and the RRSP
  • The contributions are made on a monthly basis from September to June
  • If ATA RSP Form is not received on or before August 15th, the contributions for the following school year will be directed to the HSA.   For new teachers, the decision is made at the start of employment.

For more information on the ATA Group RRSP, please consult the Great-West Life – Capital Estate Planning web site at

(Note that they will not be able to answer questions related to the amount of contribution from your HSA or your collective agreement)


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