Assessment for learning

The Fort McMurray Catholic Board of Education is an active member of the Alberta Assessment Consortium (ACC) and is striving to implement modern and proven assessment practices that positively impact student learning

We believe that successful learners are active participants in their learning and that classroom-based assessment is the best source of information about student learning. District teachers use a variety of methods to determine what students know and are able to do. To do this, both assessment for learning and assessment of learning methods are used.

Assessment for learning involves an ongoing exchange of information between students and teachers about progress toward clearly specified learner outcomes. Examples of these assessment methods include:

  • Observations
  • In-class work
  • Conversations

Assessment of learning involves collecting information about learning to make judgments about student performance and achievement at the end of a period of instruction to be shared with those outside classrooms. Examples of these assessment methods include:

  • Tests
  • Projects
  • Essay

With the assistance of the Alberta Assessment Consortium, the District team supports teachers and leaders by providing opportunities for on-going quality professional learning to continously improve student learning.


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