Administrative Procedures- 100

Administrative Procedures

101.Smoke Free Environment

102.Sexual and Personal Harassment  (See AP 170 below)

103.Energy Management

104.Emergency Disaster Plan

105.Emergency School Closures

106.School Closure due to Inclement Weather

107.Chemical Management

108.Respectful Workplace (Now AP 171)

109.Fire Safety Program

110.Fire Hazard Policy

111.Control of School Keys

112.Reporting Damaged Property


121.Disposal of Property

122.Use of Surplus School Space

123.Community Use of Facilities   (Now AP 547)

134.Advertising in Schools

135.Public Concerns and Complaints

136.Political Electioneering

137.School Councils

138.Healthy Schools

140_Acceptable Use Of Information & Communications Technologies

141_Acceptable Employee Use Of the Internet

142_Portable Technology Security

145 Use Of Personal Communication Devices (PCDS)

146_Electronic Social Media

147 Commercial Electronic Messages (Anti-Spam)

148 Social Engineering Awareness

150 Media Relations

152 – Dispute Resolution Regarding Student Matters 

AP 156 – Visit Protocol

AP 157- Disruption of Schools

AP 159- Smudging/ Pipe Ceremonies

AP 160 – Safe and Caring Inclusive Environments

AP 160 – Appendix CCSSA Life Framework

163 Confined Space Entry

AP 164 Use of Alcohol and Drugs






AP_169 _PPE & Specialized Clothing

AP_170_Discrimination, Harassment and Violence

AP_170 harassment complaint form

AP_171 Respectful Workplace 

AP 180-Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy (FOIP)

AP 181 – Video_Surveillance

AP 185 – Records Management

185(A).Appendix Schedule of Records Retention and Disposal

185(B).Certificate of Destruction

AP 190 – Copyright Compliance